If you work at a computer, then you may want to consider forearm stretches to alleviate tightness or inflexibility in your lower arm.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use this forearm stretch regularly.

Keeping your forearms, wrists, and hands limber will decrease the likelihood of:

  • joint pain, tightness,
  • discomfort
  • and stave off Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is often associated with excessive flexion or overuse of the wrist.

forearm stretches

One of the Best Forearm Stretches

The stretch is simple yet effective.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds twice on each arm.  forearm stretchesHere ya go:

  1. Extend one arm directly in front of the shoulder with the palm faced away from the body and the fingertips toward the ceiling.
  2. Grasp and pull the fingertips toward your shoulder with your opposite hand until you feel a full stretch in that forearm.
  3. Hold this position, release then slowly ease into position again.  Stretch both sides equally.


More Stretches & Workouts

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What are some stretches you use frequently?

However simple the stretch is, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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You should consult a qualified medical professional before starting this or any other health & fitness program.  As with any exercise or diet program, if at any time you experience any discomfort, pain or duress of any sort, stop immediately and consult your physician.  The creators, producers, participants, advertisers and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities or losses in connection with the exercises or advice herein.  Any equipment or workout area that is used should be thoroughly inspected as free of danger, flaw or compromise, ahead of use and the user assumes all responsibility when performing any movements contained in this blog.

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