Time to tear it up all over again…that is create small tears in your muscle fibers.  Say what?!  Could I actually be serious?!  Yes, I am, but this is a good thing.

Remember that feeling you get about 24-48 hours AFTER your workout that causes you to walk funny, function awkward and gasp with every movement.  Well, that’s the DOMs or delayed onset muscles soreness.  You have small tears in your muscle fibers and your body is working in overtime to repair those flaws.  Rest assured, it’s only temporary with the right nutrition (shameless plug on my Thursday blog series at OneJackedMonkey.BlogSpot.com) and consistent post workout stretching.

Right after you are done working out, focus on stretching the area you worked and a couple of other problematically tight areas.  While the body is busy pumping blood all throughout, your muscles are much more elastic and will adhere to your stretches much better.  Going into a stretch “cold” or without being warmed up is like stretching a rubber band.  You can stretch a rubber band as far as you like, but it will always snap back into place when you let go.  After your workout, though, your muscles are closer to being like silly putty and can be stretched for more permanent results.

Your stretch of the day:

Stand up straight with your feet separated shoulder-width apart.  Extend your right leg forward 5 to 6 inches from your body with your heel placed into the ground and toes flexed toward your shin.  Bend your left leg and collapse slightly at the hips.  As you bend forward, support yourself on your bent left leg while keep your right leg straight with toes lifted.  You should feel a great stretch in your right hamstrings.  If not, sink deeper down by bending your left leg more and collapsing more at the hips.  Keep your spine as proud and neutral as possible.  Complete this stretch 2 times on one side for 30 seconds each, then switch to the other side.

Hit me up next week as we continue to stretch your boundaries and introduce a new exercise to add to your arsenal.  Now go get yourself limbered up!

-Dale L. Roberts
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Often sited as a great way to develop flexibility, yoga is a great routine to add to your healthy lifestyle.

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