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Week three has arrived and I certainly hope that you have made it this far in this challenging four week journey.  I love planning out some kick-ass workouts and this one by far is my most favorite of all time…so far (I may top it again, as per usual).  Rather than blathering on about this, that and the other, I’ll get you right on track:
Warm-up on Elliptical
10 minutes at brisk pace
Increase Heart rate to 110 – 120bpm
No rest
Active rest
 DB Squats
DB Calf Raises x35
 DB Forward Lunges
3/35 each leg
DB Stagger Stance Calf Raise  x35 each side
 Single DB Sumo Squats
Plank Hold for 1.5 minute
 DB Step-ups
3/35 each leg
Dynamic Floor Bridge x35 w/ DB at pelvis
DB Wall Chair w/ Toes Lifted
3/1 minute hold
Skip Rope for 1.5 minute
DB = Dumbbell.  Use a weight that is a challenge to hold through an entire set, but not impossible to grip for the entire set.  NO STRAPS INCLUDED!
Just a reminder that stretching is paramount and key to getting your greatest victories in your fitness endeavors.  So, no slacking on this element.  Stay tuned to this blog for the final post in this four part series and some great stretch programming going into next month.  In the meantime, post your greatest challenges so far on this leg routine and let me know your thoughts.
-Dale L. Roberts
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