Here we are on week 3 in my “Stretching Will Destroy Your Body” series and I’ve only given you 2 stretches.  I’m deliberately taking my time in releasing these exercises so that you can build a solid foundation with just the fundamentals.  So, each week that I give you a new stretch you should be implementing these stretches after your workouts.  These stretches may be familiar to you, but I believe that you may NOT be performing them consistently as you should.

So, the real challenge is in consistently implementing these stretches and adding the new ones to your routine.  Now, on to your next stretch:

STANDING HAMSTRING STRETCH (with a chair assist):

Pick a sturdy chair or raised surface and stand1-2 feet away from it.  Place one foot onto the surface while keeping your leg straight.  Keep your spine in neutral alignment and slowly break at the hips leaning forward.  If you are able to reach further down your leg toward your toes, do so, but avoid compromising your posture.  Think of your back being held in a brace and you are unable to arch anywhere on your spine.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds for 2 times, then switch sides.

-Dale L. Roberts
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Have someone take a picture of you holding a stretch.  Stay diligent in your flexibility efforts and take an after photo 90 days from your first photo.  How does it compare?

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