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This is it, your final week in the “Lose the Chicken Legs” four week program.  I certainly hope you had as much fun as I have since implementing this routine.  What insight have you gained so far?  How have you improved in your leg training?  Have you seen any great results?  Where else have you grown since starting this program?
Well, it ain’t quite done yet, so here comes the final installment.  Enjoy:
Warm-up on Stepmill
10 minutes at moderate pace
Increase Heart rate to 110 – 120bpm
No rest
Active rest
 DB Squats
DB Calf Raises x35
 DB Forward Lunges
2/50 each leg
DB Stagger Stance Calf Raise  x35 each side
 Single DB Sumo Squats
Plank Hold for 1.5 minute
 DB Step-ups
2/50 each leg
Dynamic Floor Bridge x35 w/ Dumbbell at pelvis
DB Wall Chair w/ Toes Lifted
2/1.5 minute hold
Skip Rope for 1.5 minute

But, wait!  That’s not all.  Join me next week for a whole new routine to incorporate into your fitness regimen.  Remember to subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for more challenges to bring you to your next level.
-Dale L. Roberts
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