Assuming that you have been implementing the Wednesday workout routine for the past few weeks, you probably have been getting great value out of the Saturday stretch routines last week (shoulders) and the week before (chest).  So, all this time, we’ve been focusing on large muscle groups yet not focusing on the area that is most important in a push movement…the triceps.  Most likely, you have been pretty sore on the back of your arm, so triceps stretches are needed most to improve your strength gains in your workouts.  Check this out:

Triceps Stretch
Reach one extended arm upward.  Bend your elbow and place your hand on the back of your neck.  Grasp your elbow with your free hand and carefully guide the elbow back.  The hand on your neck will begin to move downward on the back.  Stop pulling when you feel a bit of tension and your stretch becomes slightly uncomfortable.  Hold, take a few deep breathes, then gradually release.  Repeat this stretch on this side, then switch arms.

You may feel your large back muscle loosen in this stretch, too.  That is good, though!

-Dale L. Roberts
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Have someone take a picture of you holding a stretch.  Stay diligent in your flexibility efforts and take an after photo 90 days from your first photo.  How does it compare?

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