Do you need some killer bicep workouts?

Would you like an arm workout that’ll take your guns to an all new level?

Then, you may want to consider this workout plan.

bicep workouts

Bicep Workouts to Keep You Going

Let’s get that upper body singing all kinds of praises as you show off a new look coming into the new year.

The past 4 weeks I showcased a great progression of exercises that could be used to put some size, strength and cuts on your chest.

I hope you had a blast and while this train is still a-rollin’, I have a routine that’ll complete your front side upper body view with some glowing guns.

Give these bicep workouts a shot to maximize the most out of your gym time.

arms and abs workout

The First of the Bicep Workouts

A few things to note:

  • -Warm up, stop being a f#*kin’ meathead and get your body properly prepared for the vicious onslaught you plan to put it through.
  • -If you don’t know the exercise, ask!  Comment boxes are put there for a reason, so please ask!  I will answer your question as quickly as I can.
  • -Use a weight that is an appropriate challenge to your fitness level.  If I have a rep count set at a certain level, the last couple of reps should be tough!
  • -The ab exercises that are coupled with an exercise are meant for you to catch your breath, so take it slow and very deliberate.
  • -Cooldown, once again, meathead…STOP!  Get all your blood evenly dispersed throughout your body before you part ways from your workout area.
  • -HAVE FUN and leave a comment!
Straight Bar Cable Curls
15 reps
30 slow reps
1 min.
Close Grip Pull Ups
15 reps
Reverse Crunches
30 reps
1 min.
Alternating Zottman Curls
15 reps each arm
Russian Twists
30 reps each side
1 min.
Incline Bench Curls
15 reps
Decline Bench Leg Lifts
30 reps
1 min.
Weight Plate Curls
50 reps each side

Arm Workouts & Beyond

Hey, if you loved the biceps workout, then please share it with someone you know.

I’d love to hear how you do with this arm workout, so leave your results in the comments below.

Also, head over for more workouts to take your fitness to the next level.

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