Are you ready for a different arms and abs workout?arms and abs workout

Then, I have something a fun yet challenging workout routine for you to try.

This past week should’ve been a challenge to you…

So I think that’ll I’ll up the ante a bit.

If you aren’t quite prepared, then hang onto last week’s routine just a bit longer.

When you feel you are physically ready for the challenge, then it’s game on!

Before Your Arms and Abs Workout

A few things to remember:

  • Warm up, seriously, I covered this last week…you want a reason to warm up?!  How about this?  Injuries, avoid them with a warm up.  Now shut up and warm up, meathead.
  • If you don’t know the exercise, ask!  Seriously, don’t guess your way through it and google searches will only get you so far.
  • Use a weight that is an appropriate challenge to your fitness level. It should be a challenge for you to finish each set.  Generally, I start with a lower weight and increase by 5-10% with each set based on how I felt my performance was.
  • The ab exercises are meant for active recovery.  In other words, the core exercise are meant for you to keep the blood flowing, instead of standing still and you losing your pumps.
  • Cooldown…same reason as warm up…let’s not argue, ’cause I’m right.
  • HAVE FUN and leave a comment!
Close Grip Pull Ups
10 reps
Cross Crunches
30 slow reps
1 min.
Incline Bench Alternating Curls
15 reps each arm
Reverse Crunches with Leg Extensions
30 reps
1 min.
Concentration Curls
15 reps each arm
Cherry Pickers
30 reps each side
1 min.
21 reps
Hanging Leg Lifts
30 reps
1 min.
Weight Plate Curls
50 reps each side

More Workouts for Your Arms and Abs

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