forearm stretchesToday, I’m going to discuss the importance of forearm stretches for office workers and you.

Sure, we know the value of stretching, but it’s the smaller muscle groups that can create the greatest stress.

This is especially true if you are an office worker or someone in a sedentary job.

Let’s take a look an easy yet effective stretch for your forearms.

If you work at a computer, then you may want to consider forearm stretches to alleviate tightness or inflexibility in your lower arm.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use this forearm stretch regularly.

Keeping your forearms, wrists, and hands limber will decrease the likelihood of:

  • joint pain, tightness,
  • discomfort
  • and stave off Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is often associated with excessive flexion or overuse of the wrist.

pike push ups

Forearm Stretches

Sometimes the most simple yet effective actions are what we tend to overlook easiest and the most…

So pay close attention to the stretches I have for you.

Maybe you aren’t an office worker and you don’t spend much time in a sedentary desk job or using a computer…

That’s ok because flexibility training has great value in everyone’s lives.

If you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast, you may grip a lot of weights throughout your workouts.

This gripping causes lots of tension on the forearm, wrists, and hands…

Try throwing these stretches in between each set performed or after your workout as you are cooling down.

How to Do Stretch Your Forearm Muscles

Forearm Stretches

  1. Extend your arm towards a wall with your palm faced up just below shoulder level.
  2. Slowly flatten your palm against the wall with your fingers pointed down and the inside of your elbow pointed up.
  3. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, slowly take the tension off, then sink right back into position.
  4. Stretch both arms equally.

If this stretch is new to you, start with your hand lower on the wall, so the tension is not as great.  Remember that a stretch should be uncomfortable at worst never painful.

Here’s a Variation of the Forearm Stretch

The stretch is simple yet effective.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds twice on each arm.  forearm stretchesHere ya go:

  1. Extend one arm directly in front of the shoulder with the palm faced away from the body and the fingertips toward the ceiling.
  2. Grasp and pull the fingertips toward your shoulder with your opposite hand until you feel a full stretch in that forearm.
  3. Hold this position, release then slowly ease into position again.  Stretch both sides equally.

More Stretches and ExercisesThe Stretch Workout Plan

Let me know how you do with this simple stretch by leaving a comment below.

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