leg stretchesHave you ever used a stretch strap in your stretching routine?

Are you even limbering up for your workout routines?

Then, I have a fantastic way to increase your flexibility while having a little fun with an overlooked element in the fitness routine.

Of course, all flexibility training (also known as stretching) is underrated and underutilized…

So implementing even one stretch per day is better than nothing at all.

Why Should You Stretch?

hamstring stretch with strapStretching has many great benefits, including:

  • increases joint range of motion
  • decreases recovery time, soreness and injury risk
  • improves blood circulation
  • builds muscle
  • burns fat and calories
  • improves energy
  • feels great

With too freakin’ many instructions of stretching online, I decided to be a bit different and offer some instruction on an underused fitness tool, the stretch strap.

You can get the strap for about $5 to $15, depending largely on where you get it.

I prefer a strap with various loops on it and this is the strap I use in my books and in pictures.

If your budget is restricted, then you can modify your stretch strap to be a towel (though some stretches will be slightly impeded).

stretch strap
An example of a stretch strap

Do This Before Using the Stretch Strap

Here are some guidelines to get the best stretch possible:

  1. A stretch should be uncomfortable at worst never painful
  2. The muscle stretched must be free of any pre-existing conditions or injuries
  3. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds
  4. Ease into and out of all stretches, no exception
  5. Never bounce in a stretch
  6. Breathe deeply and deliberately
  7. Relax the stretched muscle
  8. Drink plenty of water after your stretch routine
  9. Always warm-up, and passive stretching doesn’t count for a warm-up

More on Stretching & Workouts

So, get your hands on a stretch strap, familiarize yourself with some of the basic stretches that listed in the free pamphlet that usually comes with this exercise equipment.

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