home workout planAre you looking for a home workout plan?

Would you like an upper body workout at home?

Today, I’m going to share a short yet effective exercise routine.

Home Workout Plan Prerequisites

step upIf you are just tuning into this blog, then please read the previous posts at the links listed below.

Though this home workout appears to be short, I can assure you it is effective and absolutely killer.

In the event, you find the exercise routine too simple, you could always include a set of dumbbells with the step ups.

Though I listed this post as an upper body workout, I did incorporate the entire body in some capacity to maximize the most from your time.

Just a reminder:

  1. Warm-up and cooldown for 10 minutes each
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Write down your results
  4. Have fun and share your success in the comments
Step Ups
Incline Push Ups
Inverted Rows – Close Grip, Underhand
Russian Twists

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You should consult a qualified medical professional before starting this or any other health & fitness program.  As with any exercise or diet program, if at any time you experience any discomfort, pain or duress of any sort, stop immediately and consult your physician.  The creators, producers, participants, advertisers and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities or losses in connection with the exercises or advice herein.  Any equipment or workout area that is used should be thoroughly inspected as free of danger, flaw or compromise, ahead of use and the user assumes all responsibility when performing any movements contained in this blog.