Have you ever used a stretch strap?

Did you know it is one of the best ways to stretch your upper body?

Today, I’m going to share how to stretch your upper body with the stretching strap.

Stretch Strap for Upper Body Flexibility

Stretch StrapStretch Strap
  1. Anchor the middle of the strap to a sturdy surface, such as a pole or unmoving exercise equipment.
  2. Grasp the strap ends in either hand and keep your arms at about shoulder height.
  3. Step forward and keep your arms back.
  4. Bow your chest upward and lift your chin.
  5. Breathe deeply in this position and hold for 20-30.
  6. Slowly ease out of the position and repeat the movement sequence.

You should feel a stretch in your chest, shoulders, front of your neck and some of your biceps (upper front portion of the arm).

More Stretch Strap Exercises

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