So you workout and eat right, but is meditation a part of your healthy lifestyle?

Do you know how to meditate properly at home?

Then, you may want to read more about how I use meditation to get you on the right path.

meditationWhy Meditation?

Everyone knows that good nutrition nourishes your body.

Also, it’s common knowledge that exercise builds good health and wellness.

The two of the elements alone are great to lead a life of happiness.

But unfortunately, the one element that binds the first two elements together is overlooked quite often.

That missing element is mental well-being.

How Meditation is Important to You

how to meditate properlyIf you build a house with solid brick and mortar but fail to erect it on solid land…

Then chances are likely that house will not last.  The solid foundation of life comes from a firm grasp on mindset.

The solid foundation of life comes from a firm grasp on mindset.

I’m a firm believer in many ways to strengthen mental well-being, but…

By far the best way to exercise your mind is through meditation.  Meditation is

Meditation is exercise for the mind.

How to Meditate

I’ll break it down simple:

  1. Designate a specific time in an uncluttered area, uninhibited by outside stresshow to meditate
  2. If you are new to meditation, set aside 5 minutes and use a gentle alarm to aid you in proper timing
  3. Sit on a soft area or lay down with your head and back of your knees supported by pillows
  4. Allow your eyelids to relax and close if necessary
  5. Relax your whole body
  6. Deeply breathe in and allow your stomach to expand
  7. Briefly pause when you lungs have taken in all the oxygen
  8. Slowly release your breathe through your mouth
  9. Focus on the rise and fall of your stomach or the expansion and compression of your lungs
  10. Disconnect any thought that comes through your mind, but conversely allow it to be okay when it does happen
  11. Just remember to let it go of any thought as soon as and for however frequent it comes
  12. When your time is over, take one last deep breath, stretch your body to it’s widest length and gradually ease back into your day.

More on Meditation

My challenge to you is to try meditation twice per day for 5 minutes each time over the next 30 days.

Notice any changes in your demeanor?

How about your ability to handle everyday stress?

What about your energy level?

And, what about your decision-making abilities?

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