hamstring stretch with strapThe hamstring stretch with strap is one of the best ways to relieve tension.

But, do you know HOW to stretch your hamstrings properly?

Want to know the easiest and safest way to stretch your hamstrings?

Then, you’ll want to read on about how to relax tight muscles with the stretch strap.

Why Use a Strap for Stretching?

stretch strapLong story short, you don’t NEED a strap to stretch your tight muscles.

But, it certainly helps enhance any flexibility exercises

And, adds another dynamic to an otherwise normal passive stretch exercise.

I cover this more in-depth in my best-selling book, The Stretch Workout Plan.

How to Do a Hamstring Stretch with Strap

Hamstring Stretch with StrapHamstring Stretch with Strap

  1. From a seated position, extend one leg in front of you.
  2. Place the opposite foot into the knee of the forward-placed leg.
  3. Anchor the middle of the stretch strap around your foot.
  4. Pull the strap back to apply pressure on your hamstring and calf.
  5. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds
  6. Then, ease off and repeat the movement sequence.

Stretch each leg equally.

Pull your upper body forward while keeping your posture upright.

That’s tough stuff, if you ask me!

More Flexibility Exercises to Do at Home

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Till later, I’d love to know how you do with the stretch strap.

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