Are you struggling to find your weight loss motivation?

Do you even know how to motivate yourself to workout?

Then, I think you’ll want to hear my story about how to stay motivated to workout.

how to get motivated to workoutStruggles with Weight Loss Motivation

I had a conversation with a good friend recently.

She found an upswing in her fitness motivation.

Sadly, I heard her say this before:

I am truly committed this time and nothing is going to stop me.

Before you put me on blast…

Understand I’m coming from a good place on her renewed mindset.

I’m glad she tossed a few logs onto her inner motivational fire.

That fire that propels her forward to go kick ass and take names.

After all, if she didn’t throw wood on the fire, would it keep burning?

Considering her history, would this newfound weight loss motivation stay for the long haul?

weight loss motivationHow to Get Motivated to Work Out and Stay Motivated

My friend asked me where I got the analogy of adding wood to the fire.

I don’t quite recall where I picked up this analogy on exercise motivation.

I do know that Zig Ziglar once said:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last.

Well, neither does bathing,

that’s why we recommend it every day.

This quote made me realize that motivation is more than just wanting something.

I used to think that the dream was enough to propel me forward.

Granted, if the dream is large enough and you believe in it strong enough…

Then motivation will seem to burn on its own.workout motivation

What is Fitness Motivation?

Motivation isn’t a self-starting, forever burning fire.

You have to remind yourself of your destination…

And why you are going there in the first place.

Granted, it is second nature for a choice few…, but there are those of us that need that reminder every single day, hour, minute, second or moment.

But, for most of us…

We need that reminder every single day, hour, minute, second or moment.

how do you get motivated How Do you Get Motivated to Exercise?

Whatever works for you, stick with it…

And only adjust when it’s not working.

So, think of your weight loss motivation as an inner fire.

If you want to stay on track to your goals…

Then you have to put a log on the fire to keep it going.

Otherwise, your motivational fire will burn out…

And you’ll have to start all over again.

workout motivation quotesA Few Workout Motivation Quotes 

You’re never alone and you can always find help.

My best motivation comes from other people who have traveled my path before.

The first people I look to for guidance are the experts.

So, I pull my ideas, motivation and resources from quotes.

Fortunate enough, I put my favorite motivational quotes into four different books.

For further motivation and great quotes, go to

You’ll find the motivational quotations books toward the bottom of the page.

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workout motivation quotes