lower body workouts

It occurred to me when I did one of my lower body workouts today…

I did something few people do in their lower body routine

Primarily, people beginning a new workout regimen or those stuck on a fitness plateau.

Let me preface the actual information by sharing my story.

How My Lower Body Workouts Became an Issue

How to Build Leg Muscle

I used to be in incredible shape…

And could do just about anything in the gym.

My routine consisted of tons of leg training

So I became reasonably proficient at a variety of leg movements and lower body strength training.

However, time and injuries became an excuse for me to lean on.

Now, I’m dealing with not performing at the same level I once did.

Rather than reminisce over what I used to do, I recently decided I would devote myself to catching up to my previous physical conditioning.

Body Dysmorphia? Or, Harsh Reality?

body dysmorphia
A picture of me after working out.

My legs are unsightly and atrocious.

No, I am not just being overly picky or suffer from body dysmorphia.

I quite simply have small chicken legs.


Because I do not train them like I used to.

How My Leg Workouts Used to Be

A few of my go-to leg exercises when I trained like an animal were:

  1. Barbell Back Squats – heavy as possible for 10-15 reps
  2. Pistol Squats – 15-30 reps each leg
  3. Step Ups with Dumbbells – heavy as possible for 10-15 reps each leg
  4. Back Bridging (aka wrestler’s bridge) – held 1-5 minutes at a time
  5. Free Squats – 100-1,000 reps at a time

The Truth About My Leg Workout Routine 

truth about fitness

I have been consistent with doing free squats

But not quite as many at one time as I used to do.

And, the other leg exercises are non-existent in my routine.

So, I am slowly reintroducing them into my workouts.

The Reality of My Leg Workouts Today

lower body workoutsMy ego told me that I could still go at the same level as I did before.

However, my body wholeheartedly disagreed.

My endurance, my range-of-motion, and my strength are not what they used to be.

Now, I am focusing on taking it back down to the basics.

Today, I worked on my pistol squats (Here is a great video on pistol squats: https://youtu.be/PZlLHZ4Venw).

I primarily worked on the negatives or the downward movement of this leg exercise.

How to Ease Into Leg Exercise

Here’s how I eased back into one of my favorite leg exercises, the pistol squat:

  1. the best leg exercisesPlaced a bench behind me
  2. Made sure I could comfortably squat down on it
  3. Extended my right leg in front of me
  4. Balanced on my left leg
  5. Slowly, I lowered myself to the bench, squatting down on the left leg only
  6. Once seated, I bent my right knee and placed my right foot on the ground
  7. Then, I repeated the movement sequence

I did about 100 repetitions with a 2-minute rest between each leg.

When I develop more strength and endurance…

I will be able to handle regular pistol squats with ease.

The Best Way of How to Build Leg Muscle for Beginners

the best leg exercises for beginnersIf you are just starting back into a fitness routine

Then, go slow and take a step back from what you used to do.

Ego is not a good workout partner, so listen and pay close attention to what your body says today.

Then, you’ll recapture some of your previous fitness glories.

Hell, you might even be able to beat them.

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