Are you looking for the best arm workouts?

Do you have flabby arms and aren’t sure where to begin?

Let’s face it. The problem is widespread, and isn’t going away anytime soon – flabby arms.

Most people who get flabby arms aren’t sure where this excess jiggle matter comes from, but they do want rid of it and fast!

The solution has been right in front of you this whole time.

Your flabby arms will be banished forever…

If only you commit to this one exercise – bodyweight dips.

A Simple Exercise for Arms – Bodyweight Dips

This exercise requires only one piece of equipment – a workout bench or a sturdy chair.

The basic version of the bodyweight exercise, the dip:


  1. Sit down and grasp the edge of the bench.
  2. Walk your legs out and slide your butt off the bench while keeping your torso upright and arms straight.
  3. Bend at your elbows, allowing your butt to lower to the ground.
  4. Stop when your elbows are at 90°
  5. Pause, press up and extend your elbows back to the start position.

Tricep Exercises Too Hard for Your Arm Workouts?

If you find this exercise too hard to perform…

Focus on the first few steps.

Rather than extending your arms, press off with your legs to get yourself back up into position.

By unloading your muscle repeatedly…

You directly train your arms so they are equipped to handle the exercise.

Go easy your first few times of doing dips with this type of method.

This modification may seem like cheating, but…

Rest assured you will feel effectiveness of this exercise and notice results within the first month of consistent arm workouts.

How to Work Out the Arms and Proper Recovery Time

arm workouts

Decent recovery time is between 2-3 days.

If you are still sore beyond 3 days…

Then you may want to train a little easier next time.

But, if you fully recover within 1 day…

Then I encourage you to push harder in future arm workouts.

When you can do about 30-50 repetitions

Then graduate to the next level on this arm exercise.

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