Do you want a killer arm workout?killer arm workout

Are you ready to get rid of those bat wing arms or floppy arms?


  1. Build your arm muscle,
  2. Gain muscle fast
  3. Strengthen your upper body

Today, I am giving simple steps for one of the best exercises for flabby underarms.

If you want to have a killer arm workout

Focus on the negative.

Stay with me; I promise this isn’t some self-help B.S.

What Does Eccentric Mean in Exercise?How to do dips

The negative portion of a movement…

Or the eccentric action…

Is when you are unloading or lengthening your muscle.

During this phase, you:

  • Strengthen your arms
  • Condition your arms
  • Tone up your arms

If this exercise is new to you, then the type of training I am going to share may be helpful.

How to Do Dips – Negatives Only

  1. Step up to your dip station
  2. Place your hands on the handles with your arms extended
  3. Slowly lower your body and let your feet come down to the ground
  4. Don’t worry about extending your arms to bring your body back to the top position, you’ll simply go back to step #1.

  1. Repeat this sequence about 5-10 times and see how your arms feel.
  2. Don’t overdo negatives, because you will feel sore from this movement.

Mastering Your Killer Arm Workout

killer arm workout

Eventually, negatives will develop and strengthen your arms to handle full bodyweight dips.

Try this method for…

21-30 days

…with a rest day between each attempt.

Then attempt to do a full bodyweight dip.

What are your favorite arm exercises? I’d love to hear from you, so post your answer in the comments below.

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