Would you like a different workout for triceps than the usual?

Do you need more arm strength and endurance?

Then, you may want to hear me out on this post.

For anyone experienced in bodyweight dips

Focus on the negative movements only…

To increase you maximum repetitions.

Workout for Triceps: Bodyweight Dips – Negatives Onlykiller arm workout

  1. Step up to your dip station
  2. Place your hands on the handles with your arms extended
  3. Slowly lower your body and let your feet come down to the ground
  4. Don’t worry about extending your arms to bring your body back to the top position, you’ll go back to step #1.

For instance, I can handle 15-20 dips in a row.

However, I would like to perform closer to 30-50 repetitions at a time.

So, I will do 10 sets of 20 dips with a 2-minute break between each attempt.

When I can no longer perform a regular dip…

I use negatives for the remainder of the set.

A Challenging Variation of Your Workout for Triceps

Try to incorporate negatives into your fitness routine to increase your maximum repetitions or max reps, in dips.

As an example:

  1. Your max reps for dips = 5
  2. Your goal in max reps for dips = 10
  3. You try = 10 sets of 5 dips with 1-2 minutes rest between sets

Your Best Arm Workouts Are Ahead of You

Have fun with that and let me know how you do.

I would love to hear your training methodology when it comes to increasing your maximum repetitions in dips.

Leave your thoughts in the comments of this blog.

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