Have you ever tried close grip pull ups?

Do you want to learn how to do more pull ups?

Have you considered your grip on the pull up bar?

Then you may want to learn more about close grip pull ups.

How to Do Close Grip Pull Ups

close grip pull ups
Figure 1 – Grip the bar above you with your hands close together (see above)
wide grip pull ups
Figure 2 – This is an example of a standard pull-up. Be sure to adjust your grip like Figure 1.
  1. Stand below your equipment and reach up, grabbing the bar with both hands near each other and faced away from your body.
  2. Give yourself a small boost by gently hopping up.
  3. Keep your hips straight, bend your knees back 90° and cross your ankles over each other.
  4. Tighten your mid-section and forcefully breathe out as you pull your chest up to the bar.
  5. Entirely close your elbows, keep your chin up and pause when your chest meets the bar.
  6. Breathe out as you slowly open your elbows and allow your body to descend.
  7. Stop once the arms are extended and keep your shoulder blades pinched back the entire exercise.

How to Do Pull Ups for Beginners 

how to build bicepsIf you are relatively new to pull-ups…

Or pull-ups are too difficult for you…

Then try this method:

  1. Instead of focusing on pulling yourself up to the bar, boost yourself up with a jump.
  2. Then, slowly lower your body down toward the ground.
  3. Repeat this sequence for 5-20 repetitions.
  4. After you using this method after 1-2 weeks test your ability and try pulling yourself up to the bar and gradually lower yourself to the ground.

Avoid using kipping pull ups

A style of pull-up that uses the full body to thrust into the top position.

Though it is not a bad technique, you should just master the basics first.

A Few More Tips on Pull Ups

how to do pull ups

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