Core Strength WorkoutDo you want the most effective core strength workout?

How would you like the solution to come in one easy core exercise?

Then, I have a core exercise that is quite possibly the most effective of core exercises.

The best part is that most anyone can do this exercise to build core strength while using your whole body.

Plank Exercise

  1. Begin with your legs together and your toes placed into the ground for support.
  2. Place your forearms flat on the floor with your elbows bent at 90°.
  3. You should be straight from ankles to shoulders and keep your head in a neutral position with your eye sight set on your hands.
  4. As you hold your position, tighten your abs and butt.

Exercises to Flatten Your StomachThe Most Simple Core Exercises Variation

  1. Try separating your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. To make it even easier, start by supporting yourself on your knees instead of your toes

The Hard Core Exercises Variation

  1. Incorporate some movement, such as lifting one arm or leg and holding
  2. Shift your weight from one appendage to the other. I like to challenge myself by rotating my body in place.

How to Create the Best Core Workouts

Core Strength WorkoutPlanks can be easy, or…

They can be challenging.

However you do it, just make sure that you use the plank exercise consistently for the best results.

Hold the position for 30-60 seconds for 5-10 sets with little rest between each exercise.

Once you master the basics, work your way up to the more complicated modifications.

Some Things to Remember in Your Core Strength Workout

Core Strength Workout

  1. How long you hold it can be impressive, the better option is to master more complex variations for the same amount of time.
  2. Fitness is not so much about the quantity of what you do, but more so of the quality of how you do it.
  3. The small things add up and count toward a larger goal.
  4. Stay consistent, be patient and always challenge yourself!

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In the meantime, try out the plank exercise in your next core strength workout!

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