These past six weeks, I focused on some simple and some difficult core development exercises. I hope you have kept up and trying out some of these awesome movements. If you haven’t tried them, then skip to the bottom of my blog and on the right-hand side you’ll see recent posts. However, I feel confident you will get plenty from this one exercise to build a great standalone plank workout.

This next exercise is a doozy and probably one that will push you beyond regular planks. If you have a little muffin top or some love handle issues, then this exercise is going to take care of business.

Plank Workout Exercise: Side Planks

side planks
With your leg together, lie on one side with your left elbow bent 90° and forearm placed away from you on the floor. Pop your hip up to the ceiling and point your free arm toward the ceiling. Keep your body straight from your ankles to your shoulders. Train both sides equally, so start with your weakest side.

Plank Workout Exercise for Beginners

Start by stacking your legs and bending your knees. Support your weight on your knees to your elbow. This change makes it so much easier, but not simple.

Plank Workout Exercise for Intermediate

Stick with the recommendations or try to support yourself on an extended arm and not your elbow.

Plank Workout Exercise for Advanced

Lift your top leg and hold. Or, repeatedly lift your top leg.

How Do You Do Your Plank Workout

Have fun with this week’s routine. I challenge you to attempt the side plank for 1 minute on each side. If you can answer the challenge and complete it, leave a comment, and I’ll send you a free gift. No strings attached.

Till next week,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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