Alright! So, I’m back at it again. After about two months of crazy book promotions, giveaways and writing, I’m ready to drop some 4-1-1 on you. Here’s the deal, I released my book The Stretch Workout Plan, and a friend had a concern. My buddy pointed out how I used yoga for stretching in my #1 international best-selling hit.

She stated –

I wondered why you chose only child pose, cat and dog, and pigeon pose. That’s part of yoga, (so) why not incorporate other yoga moves?

Well, that’s a damned good question, and I had to stop and think. Why would I limit my yoga-based movements in a book centered on flexibility training? There’s a good reason, I promise you.

Why Limit the Yoga for Stretching Exercises?

About ten months ago, I started writing The Stretch Workout Plan, but somewhere along the line, my thinking switched on autopilot. The personal trainer in me kicked in and took over. First, what were the main yoga exercises in the book?

Yoga for Stretching Yourself Out

Child Pose

Affects: glutes, upper back, middle back, thighs

Kneel down on the floor, and place your glutes on your heels. Slowly bring your stomach to your thighs, your chest to the floor and extend your arms above your head. 

Cat & Dog

Affects: lower back, neck

From a kneeling position, place your palms below your shoulders. Arch your spine upward and look toward your knees. Relax from the position, push your spine downward and then lift your chin upward. Hold each position for half the usual stretch time.

Pigeon Pose

Affects: glutes, hip flexors, inner thigh, hamstrings

Kneel down with one knee further forward than the other. Place your extended arms directly below your shoulders for support. Bring one knee further forward as you extend the other leg behind until your knee and hip are straight, flattening your thigh into the ground. Guide your lead leg across your body to the floor until your outer ankle is resting on the ground in front of the rear-facing leg. Press upward and sink back, so your inner thigh lowers to the ground.

The Simplicity in Yoga for Stretching

Next, why did I settle with only three yoga exercises for a good stretch program? I wanted to present the simplest yet most comprehensive approach to stretching. If I put in too many exercises, then I may overwhelm the flexibility training newbie. That’s why I used traditional stretch exercises and mixed them with yoga, foam rolling, and strap stretching.

A Book on Yoga for Stretching?

Variety is the spice of life, so I merely gave a taste of how awesome yoga is! Rest assured, buddy, I will release a yoga book. Sadly, it won’t be for awhile, because it’s high time I get some rest.

Great question!

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P.S. If you are paying attention. Though I state there are “3 yoga exercises” there are actually more. What other yoga exercises were in The Stretch Workout Plan? Find out by getting your copy today!