Time for a quick take on an intriguing subject. Do sauna suits help lose weight? Are sauna suits a good idea or a bad idea?

What is a Sauna Suit? And, Do Sauna Suits Help Lose Weight?

If you don’t know what a sauna suit is, then CLICK HERE to see the product. It’s a two-piece athletic suit primarily made of rubberized vinyl intended to drastically cut weight and worn during workouts to expedite weight loss. Another claim – sauna suits help remove toxins from the body, and improve conditioning.

The Analysis on the Sauna Suit

Will the Sauna Suit Aid in Weight Loss?

Absolutely! You will sweat your ass off, and lose a ton of bodily fluid. But, is it safe? This depends on how and why you use it. Much like any other fitness accessory, it will deliver as described. According to the product description at the link above, the sauna suit is:

Designed for professional no holds barred workouts.


Designed to fit loose for intense sauna and sweat inducement.

Competitive athletes required to meet strict weight requirements for their sport are typically monitored by qualified and experienced professionals when they use extreme weight cutting practices. However, someone new to fitness or changing their workout plan should first consider why they would use a sauna suit for weight loss.

Ultimately, are you looking to drop body weight or body fat? If you want to lose body weight, then couldn’t you simply amputate a limb for a quick loss? Or, at the very least, relieve your bowels and bladder for a much safer form of instant gratification? I hope you’d consider safer, less extreme measures to cut body weight.

Using a sauna suit is an excellent way to torture and dehydrate yourself. If you want to lose body fat, then sauna suits are not your solution.

Does the Sauna Suit Remove Toxins? Again, Do Sauna Suits Help Lose Weight?

I found this information perplexing and a little misleading. So, we have to redirect our question. Does sweating remove toxins from the body? The primary purpose of sweating is to thermoregulate or cool off the body as core temperature rises.[1]

Next, toxins or waste are primarily processed and removed by the liver and kidneys.[2] The digestive and urinary system aid in the removal process, too. In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, chief of women’s sports medicine at Harvard Medical School, stated, “If you start talking about exercising to detoxify, there’s no scientific data…In general exercise helps our lungs; kidneys get rid of things that can cause us onset of disease.”[3]

Dr. Matzkin merely confirms the lack of peer-reviewed, scientific data to support these claims of detoxing through exercise or sweating. Therefore, we could agree that putting a glorified trash bag over your body induces sweating. And, we could further assume that sauna suit manufacturers and supporters cannot prove the effectiveness of sauna suits on removing toxins from the body.

My Verdict on Sauna Suits

BAD IDEA – If you aren’t a competitive athlete under the close supervision of an experienced and qualified professional, then you should consider the safer alternative for weight loss and “detoxifying” – consistent exercise and proper nutrition.

What are your thoughts on sauna suits? And, do sauna suits help lose weight?Have you used one before? If so, what kind of results did you get? Please drop me an email with your thoughts and feel free to share this blog.

Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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