There’s no magic wand to make unwanted pounds vanish. And, if there were some pharmaceutical pill that could solve that problem, then everyone would be fit. But, what if I told you that shedding excess body weight is easier than you think? And, what if you made a few small consistent changes in your life to make this happen? Here are the first of 10 metabolism boosting hacks that’ll help get you on the fast track to losing some extra weight.

10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks #1: Take the stairs

Instead of using the elevator, make yourself work harder.

10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks #2: Park your car farthest from the store

First, it’s easier to get in and out of the parking lot. Second, you have to walk further. Last, you can carry your shopping items from store to car, thereby burning more calories.

10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks #3: Drink water – and lots of it

Cold, warm or hot, water is the answer to most problems that ail you. Try to drink your body weight number in ounces every day (i.e. 185 lbs. = 185 oz.).

10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks #4: Eat hot peppers

According to a study conducted by Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, calories burned was significantly increased in people who consume the highest amounts of dihydrocapsiate (DCT).

10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks #5: Laugh more

Laughter not only increases your endorphin production (the body’s natural pain-killer hormone). And, you burn more calories laughing than what you do at rest. Yuck it up to burn the fat.

I have the last five metabolism boosting hacks without exercising here at this link.

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 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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