It is often said that it takes 21-30 days to develop a new habit. However, this is farthest from the truth, the European Journal of Social Psychology proved otherwise. In a study 96 people over a 12-week period, the researchers discovered that it took the group an average of 66 days to make the habit automatic in their lives (click here to read the abstract). In fact, they found that it took anywhere from 18 to 254 days to fully commit to a new habit. Wow, it’s no wonder why the 90-day workout plan is a good fit for most everybody!

Why You Should Have a 90-Day Workout Plan

So, that is why I developed The 90-Day Home Workout Plan so that most anyone of most any fitness level could fully commit and develop an exercise habit. When you make exercising a habit in your life, then the results will naturally come. A few benefits include:
  1. Improving heart health
  2. Managing body weight
  3. Increasing bone strength & density
  4. Decreasing bad cholesterol
  5. Decreasing high blood pressure
  6. Improving sleep
  7. Mitigating the aging process
  8. Decreasing stress
  9. And, much more

How Others Use a 90-Day Workout Plan

See why my best clients enjoyed going through The 90-Day Home Workout Plan and experience the many benefits my program has to offer to you. Grab a copy TODAY by CLICKING HERE for your copy on Kindle or paperback.

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You should consult a qualified medical professional before starting this or any other health & fitness program. As with any exercise or diet program, at any time you if experience any discomfort, pain or duress of any sort, stop immediately and consult your physician. The creators, producers, participants, advertisers and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities or losses in connection with the exercises or advice within this blog. Thoroughly inspect any equipment or workout area as free of danger, flaw or compromise, ahead of use. The user assumes all responsibility when performing any movements contained in this blog.
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