Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: Eye-Opening & Informative on Many Levels

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: The Handbook for Holistic Lyme Disease Care and Prevention by Mary Thibodeau
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“Healing Lyme Disease Naturally” is an excellent guide for not only identifying Lyme Disease but also addressing common issues beyond simple prescription medication. Having lived in North Carolina, Lyme Disease was a real threat and a huge concern to my parents since I spent a lot of times in the woods playing. I came home with many bug bites (tick, chiggers and ‘squitoes, oh my!) and Lyme Disease was hardly understood then, and it seems sadly misunderstood now.

I find it appalling that (according to the book) insurance companies merely treat the first stages of the disease, but refuse to cover any ongoing treatment. Thankfully, the author did a great job in sharing different resources for financial assistance.

This handbook for holistic Lyme disease care and prevention, though a short read, is full of information that EVERYONE could use. Regardless of where you live and what your medical condition is, this book has excellent information. I appreciate the breakdown of herbs and supplements for boosting your immune system and aid your health and wellness.

This book is well-worth the purchase and is available for lending through Kindle Unlimited (I have it, success!).

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Last Word on Healing Lyme Disease Naturally

Once you’ve read Healing Lyme Disease Naturally, take a look at Mary’s other publications on her Amazon Author Profile. She is quite the prolific author and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. I find her writing easy to read and content to be second to none. If you can’t spare the expense, then I highly recommend grabbing a Kindle Unlimited membership (check it out here) and simply check out her books through that program. Happy reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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