If You Are What You Eat, Then You May Be Troubled By This…Organic Food

Not too long ago, my editor Colleen brought up a valid point. She wanted to know why I hadn’t covered the organic food versus non-organic food issue. It’s quite simple – I’m not a dietitian nor a food expert. Sure, I know what is good for you and what are healthier options.

So, why would it be so hard for me to present the facts? This is a much bigger issue than one would think and requires a ton of research. Here’s what I do know about organic:

  1. Grown without the aid of synthetic pesticides
  2. No food additives – to prolong shelf-life or enhance flavor/appearance
  3. The growing process is safer on the environment
But, the larger issue we face is paying a greater premium for organic. Frankly, the cost is a huge deterrent when it comes to buying organic, and I don’t want people sacrificing good eats to save a buck. I’d rather have people eat healthy first, then choose organic when the cost is affordable.

The Facts on Organic Food Versus Non-Organic Food?

Then check out the Mayo Clinic’s insightful yet short article on organic foods. CLICK HERE. I’d love to hear your thoughts on organic foods, so email me back. Do you want to hear more about it? Is this compelling enough for you to read a book about it?

Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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