The Other Debate – Drinking Water…Is It Safe?

The previous blog, I discussed a subject broached by my editor – organic food. She shared many more insights when she edited my first book The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness, one of which was drinking water. Admittedly, I wrote the book nearly three years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then and had even changed how I write altogether. Here is my original take on drinking water and the implied context:

  1. The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness is for beginners or newbies
  2. Most people that are new to health & fitness should know they need water, especially if they suddenly increase their physical activity
  3. As a writer, I shouldn’t assume that everyone knows to drink more water when physically active
  4. Sadly, I assumed something anyways – that everyone has access to water filtration or semi-trustworthy water cleaning systems

What Do the Experts Say About Drinking Water?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States public water system is considered “generally safe.” If you want to learn a bit more about water and its importance in your health, CLICK HERE.
I cover why water is a non-negotiable in your health needs in my first book The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness: A Beginner’s Guide to Exercise, Diet & MindsetCLICK HERE to grab a copy on Kindle or paperback.

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