Two Big Reasons People Fail at Weight Loss

I won’t accept flimsy-ass excuses from people when it comes to weight loss. Trust me, I’ve heard my fair share of excuses, fault-finding, stories, and theories. My editor reigns me in on being a bit overbearing or abrasive. However, she has no jurisdiction in my blogs. Of course, now I’m waiting for a comment from her any moment now.

So, I’m not pulling any punches on two HUGE reasons people fail to lose weight:
  1. Making bad food choices – Regardless of the amount of time you spend in the gym, if you don’t eat smart, then you will NEVER lose weight.
  2. Not eating enough – Yep, this one sounds f*ckin’ crazy as hell! And, believe me, I didn’t understand it either. But, you MUST eat the proper food in abundance. There’s a substantial difference between two cups of broccoli and two cups of fried chicken. Got it?

More About Weight Loss

If you’d like to get a better understanding, then check an excellent article I found from the Huffington Post (CLICK HERE). Enjoy! In the meantime, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. It’s better that you ask than to continue wandering blindly toward your goals. I promise I won’t be as aggressive if you reach out to me.

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 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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