You’re Missing Out on this Awesomefoam roller Fitness Tool

It’s pretty likely you checked out my report on the Ten Best Fitness Tools. If you read through it, you probably ran into a fitness tool that I believe should be in everyone’s fitness toolkit. It’s the foam roller. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ONE

What is the purpose of a foam roller?

Self-myofascial release

  • A technique used on a simple piece of foam that improves flexibility, function, performance and may reduce injuries.
Essentially, you use your own body weight to roll on a foam roll, massaging away any knots or excessive tightness in a muscle. Need to loosen up? Hey, use a foam roll. Want to improve your workouts? Then, use a foam roll. Have to change up your exercise routines, but don’t know how? Check out a foam roll.

What Do You Do with a Foam Roller?

You can find out more about foam rolling in my #1 International Best-Selling Book The Stretch Workout Plan: Simple Exercises to Improve Flexibility, Increase Mobility, and Relieve Tension (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO). I’ll show you more about how to use the foam roller for great results in that book.
In the meantime, you can purchase your foam roller by CLICKING HERE.
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 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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