Your Workouts Are Not Safe Without a Proper Warm Up

Did you notice the key word is “proper warm up” in the title?
  1. What exactly is a warm up
  2. How long should a warm up last for the best results?
  3. And, is anyone exempt from warming up before an exercise routine?
I cover this in depth on my blog at THIS LINK.

What is a Warm Up?

To briefly answer:
  1. A warm up is a gentle introduction to the upcoming physical activity for your body
  2. The ideal time for a warm-up is 10 minutes
  3. No one is exempt from warming up yet many people blow this crucial portion of strength training, cardio training or sports. Why? Well, they aren’t well-informed.
It really is that simple; however, not many people are following through with a good warm up. Some people even half-ass their warm up by doing static stretches for two minutes before a workout. Sound the buzzer…EGHHHHHH! Wrong! In fact, I thoroughly cover in The Stretch Workout Plan how static stretching is a waste of time before workouts. Seriously, all you need is a good brisk walk, rope skipping or similar activity to get you going. That’s it!
To get the full rundown, go to my blog article at THIS LINK.

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 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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