What the Heck is Butt-winking? And, why did my doctor even bring it up?!

Now that I have your attention, I have to share a scary crisis cropping up in workouts everywhere – butt-winking. I swear this is an actual problem and if you aren’t careful, you could possibly hurt yourself when doing squats.
I speak with my spinal doctor at least once to twice per month. Sometimes, I only go in to share conversation and tips with him. The man is built like a shit brick house, so you can imagine why I spend time chatting with him.
Recently, I wanted to explore adding barbell squats back into my routine. Well, he gave me tons of useful tips and the usual guidelines for a picture perfect squat.
Then, Doc had me squat for him. And, I paraphrase, “Oh, good, you’re not butt-winking.”
“What?!” I blurted out.
My first thought was How dare you?! It’s a lifestyle choice, damn it!

Watch Your Squats

All joking aside, the doc explained when squatting I should watch out for this:
  1. Maintaining the natural arch in my low back
  2. Don’t let my butt go too far down
He further clarified butt-winking as:
  1. Your ass goes so far down, it rolls under you
  2. Your low back flattens out or rolls backward
Take the attached photo as a great example of proper form.
Sure, we may have heard “ass-to-grass” squats are better for you. But, the doc expressed how not all bodies are built the same. What may be great for an Olympic powerlifter, may not so good for you.
How do you know if you are butt-winking?
  1. Stand with a mirror placed to your side.
  2. Squat down, as if you are sitting onto a chair.
  3. Pause at your lowest position (where you usually stop)
  4. Look in the mirror and assess your form

Why is butt-winking so dangerous in squats?

It places undue force and awkward positioning on the low back. If you do weighted squats, then it may place more shearing force on your low back. My understanding is that if you place too much of a load on your spine, it may rupture your intervertebral discs. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. I have had multiple herniated discs (non-workout related), and it makes life miserable.
Check out this awesome article by T-Nation about butt winking and how it is not good. CLICK HERE
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Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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