Meditation: Simple Method to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

I used to subscribe to the belief that stress and anxiety are easily controlled. However, there came a point where I needed help beyond what medication and psychotherapy could offer. Then, my solution came one day in the form of an incredibly relaxed client of mine (a regular practitioner of meditation).

This dude was unfazed by everything. Late for an appointment? He gently apologized. Missed an independent workout session? Again, he said sorry and would try harder next time. Raining outside and super late for his workout session with me? Nope, he wasn’t at all bothered and even walked slowly through the pouring rain.

I finally sat him down and said, “Look, man, what gives? What’s your secret?” His answer? Meditation.

My First Exposure to Meditation

I cover the story more in depth at the beginning of this Blog Talk Radio feature.

Now, I want to assure you that meditating is far more than sitting in the lotus position while humming. Here is a featured interview that you can listen to for more details about meditation.

Learn More About Meditation

I cover this in depth in my first publication The 3 Keys to Greater Health & HappinessYou can grab a copy of it at one of the links below for more details.

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 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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