How You May Not Be Getting Proper Rest

You eat right and exercise diligently. Heck, you have the results to prove it. But, what if there was one minor detail creating an even bigger problem? What if you overlook it for too long, and it produces a standstill and loads of frustration? That detail, man, is proper rest.

I’m not talking about laying around on the couch for one day. Or, for that matter, I don’t even mean sleeping in for one morning per week. How you rest is as important as how you eat and exercise. If you cannot balance the three elements, everything will eventually go to hell in a hand basket.

Then, What is Proper Rest?

Here are a few tips for you to take home:

  • Set a consistent sleep pattern – when you go to bed and when you rise
  • Sleep according to how you feel fully rested – 7-9 hours per night
  • Make up for any lost time – if you miss an hour, nap when you have the chance
  • You can take a day away from the gym; it’s okay – if you are anal retentive, then find an activity that is fun and breaks a sweat
  • Meditate daily – meditation is an exercise for the mind

I thoroughly cover proper rest in my first publication The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness. You can grab a copy on Kindle or paperback today.

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Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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