10 Metabolism Boosting Hacks without Exercise (Part Two)

Last week, I posted five excellent hacks to boost metabolism (Click here if you missed it). I have another five tips; however, it’s going to be almost exclusively about what you eat. Here are the five last metabolism boosting hacks without exercise.

Five Hacks to Boost Metabolism

1. Any fun activity

– Dancing, trampoline parks, hiking, biking are a few ideas. I know, technically, these are exercising, but not in the traditional sense of going to a gym or working out in a structured program.

2. Drink caffeine

– I may get shunned for this tip because a lot of people have the preconceived notion that caffeine is bad. However, it’s not the stimulant that is bad, but the additives most drinks put into it. So, drink caffeine in moderation and don’t add crap like sugar or artificial sweeteners to it. I have 1-2 cups of black coffee every day with a hint of Stevia tossed in.

3. Green leafy vegetables

– In my Clean Eating and Green Smoothies books, I cover this in depth. Essentially, green leafy vegetables are chock full of valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help your body work efficiently. If it’s green, it’s good.

4. Eat more protein

– I’m not suggesting you stuff your face full of protein all day, every day, but think of it as a substitution for less advantageous foods (i.e. mac & cheese, pizza, etc.). Of the three macronutrients – fat, carbohydrates and protein – the latter requires the most energy to break down. Try whole food or plant-based proteins instead of processed foods and supplements.

5. Set a consistent sleep schedule

Your body recovers quicker in deep sleep than any other time. If you set a regular sleep schedule, then your body can repair and regrow areas that you break down in workouts. TIP: Sleep about 7-9 hours per night.

What are some ways you boost metabolism? How successful has your metabolism boosters worked for you? Let me know if you try some of these items and what kind of success you have.

Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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