Is Juicing All That Great?

If the benefits of juicing seem too good to be true, then it probably is, right?

Look, I am going to shoot straight with you.

Juicing is awesome and here are some of the reasons why it is so beneficial to you:

  1. Easier to eat and digest vegetables – fewer side effects of gas, bloating, burping and farting
  2. Low in sugar – use a 3:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit – load it more with veggies for better juice
  3. Variety is the spice of life – you can take in much more types of vegetables in a single day through juicing. Therefore, you’ll get more valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Meet the RDA guidelines – the recommended daily allowance of vegetables and fruits is 5-9 servings per day. You effortlessly cover that many servings in a single glass, wow!
  5. Help maintain the pH balance in your body – people who eat more acidic foods tend to have more health issues, such as allergies, joint problems, digestive distress and more. Vegetables and some fruits help alkalize your body and maintain necessary pH balance for optimal health.

What is your experience with juicing?

Do you own a juicer? And, if so, how many miles have you logged on it?

Naturally, I’ll suggest checking out my book, but thought I’d toss a couple of other suggestions:

Till later,

 -Dale L. Roberts, One Jacked Monkey, LLC

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