Are you struggling with push-ups? Are you not entirely sure about where to begin? If you are getting strange looks from writhing about on the floor in vain attempts at a push up, then I’d love to get you started down the right path to fitness glory! Here is a simple walkthrough that just may help you today and an additional recommendation to keep you going for the next month or so.

Elevated Push-Ups

chair push ups

  1. Place a stable surface in front of you
  2. Bring your knees together
  3. Place your palms on the surface with your arms straight
  4. Keep your body rigid from your knees to your shoulders throughout the movement
  5. Bend the elbows 90°, pause, then push back up, extending the elbows

Go downward for about a 3-count, pause, then push back upward for a 3-count. Once you are able to do 15-30 repetitions for 4 sets with 1-minute rest between sets, you have certainly mastered this basic version of the push-up.

Too Easy for You?

Hey, I totally get it! If you are beyond the simplified version of push-ups, then chances are you want the biggest and best challenge I can toss your way. So, check back into on Thursday for an advanced push-up that’ll singe your eyebrows and blow your mind. Hey, don’t forget to scroll up and subscribe to this blog for post notifications. I promise, no spamming or hacking your email to push my shit. The blog subscription is merely for blog notifications, that’s it.

Till later, get out there and rule your day!

(featured exercise from The Home Workout Plan: How to Master Push-Ups in 30 Days)

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