Are needing a bigger and tougher challenge in your workout routine? Have you ever considered handstand push ups? I know what you might be thinking, but I assure you that it’s easier than you know. But, a handstand push up is harder than you’d think. Here is my brief description and an additional recommendation should this exercise prove too tough for you.

Wall-Assisted Handstand Push-Ups

WARNING: This exercise is an advanced exercise and can be dangerous if your body is not properly conditioned or adapted. Proceed with caution!

Get a thick mat for shock absorption, because you may come down abruptly on your first attempts. Always wear shoes for safety.

handstand push up

  1. Place your palms on the ground about shoulder-width apart with your fingertips about 6-12 inches from the wall.
  2. Keep your arms extended, look toward your hands.
  3. Stagger your feet, then explosively press through the balls of your feet and aim for your heels to connect with the wall.
  4. Extend your legs and allow them to balance you with the support of the wall.
  5. Bend at the elbows 90° and stop just as your head makes contact with the ground.
  6. Press through your palms and extend your arms to return to the start position.
  7. When you are finished, collapse your knees and bring your feet down toward the ground. Your first attempt may not be graceful, hence the mat and shoes for shock absorption.

If getting into the straight-arm position is too difficult, ease into this exercise by mimicking the same movement sequence as a tripod. Once your legs are balanced on the wall, slowly walk your hands outside of your head. The difficult part is pushing to the top position and the first repetition is most always the hardest. Return to the mat in the same sequence as listed above.

Too Hard for You?

Hey, I get it! You checked into this blog back on Tuesday (here) and you found the push up variation to be a bit too easy. Fast forwarding to this post and you found this type of push-up too hard. That’s okay and completely understandable. I have a program specifically for you to dominate push-ups! Check out my book The Home Workout Plan: How to Master Push-Ups in 30 Days to get a full rundown on how to rule this part of your fitness program.

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Till later, get out there and rule your fitness routine!

(featured exercise from The Home Workout Plan: How to Master Push-Ups in 30 Days)

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