A Conversation with Your Stomach

If your stomach could talk, what would it say?

“Oh my! What is she feeding me now?”

“It must be a carb overload day!”

“Doesn’t she know there is only a finite amount of space down here? Where am I supposed to put this?”

“Let’s see….it is green stuff. I like that idea. Let’s give her some fuel for that!”

“Ugh, I don’t feel so good she filled me with that sweet stuff again. I will have to pile it up over here with the rest of it. Ow! I have to stretch myself out as I have no more space for this.”

“BURP! Yes, I have gas yet again! It must have been something I ate.”

“Oh no, not another load. What is this stuff? I can’t keep her running with this garbage. Let’s give her bloating, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and see if she will listen to my message. She must be deaf as she never seems to hear me and I can’t seem to make my messages any clearer.”

“Please don’t send any more junk or empty calories my way! I can’t digest them and they slow down my whole process. How do you expect me to get my job done?”

“I am sorry, what was that? Oh, wait a minute. Your brain was shut off while you were inhaling your food?”

“What do you mean sending me sugar and bread and pasta? Where are all the healthy foods and where are the nutrients I need to keep you running at full speed?”

“What do you mean? You are stressed and depressed? Why are you taking it out on me?!”

“Okay, you give me no choice but to set off the alarm. That is right – pressure and pain from me as well as vomiting too. Please, I implore you, stop this insanity!”

The Dis-Ease & Your Stomach

Okay, this may be far-fetched but it is reality for some people who have trouble controlling their food intake. Not everyone can understand this dis-ease. Yes, though you may not agree with me, I do believe it really is a debilitating dis-ease! Think about it. If you have ever overindulged in food, how did you feel? Were you comfortable or did you have to unbutton your pants? Did you feel like you were going to explode? Did you have to make several bathroom trips because you felt like throwing up?

Now, think about it. Was it really worth it? If you would like help in this area, then you may enjoy my personal story. Check out my books on Amazon at the links below.

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