Did you know you are standing on a gold mine in your fitness goals? The answer to most all of your fitness woes lies in what you do with your legs. Over the next few weeks, I’ll cover four primary movements in your overall leg development. Today, we’ll discuss the fundamental exercise – the squat.

How to Do a Bodyweight Squat


  1. Stand up straight with your feet placed shoulder-width apart.

  2. Bend your knees and butt 90°, coming down to a seated position.
  3. Press through your heels, keep your big toes lifted and stand up.
  4. Squat down for a 3-count. Pause and then squat up for a 3-count.

That’s it for today! Did you miss last week’s core exercise finale? You’ll find the core exercises useful when used with leg exercises. You’ll cut body fat while firming up your midsection. Click here to read more about it. Tune in this Thursday as I share another sweet exercise for you try out in your current workout plan. Be sure to scroll up and subscribe to this blog for post notifications.

Till later, get out there and rule your day!

(Exercise featured in The Home Workout Plan: How to Master Leg Exercises in 30 Days)

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