Why the ‘Conventional Truth’ Is Keeping Us Fat & Inflamed

The 2 Biohacks that can help you become a fat burning machine in 30 days or less

By Dr. Guy Arad

Let me start this post with a weird question for you.

You probably updated the software on your phone in the last two months or so, right?

Then why are we still using information from the 50’s when it comes to our diets and workouts?

I am talking about the food pyramids, eat your breakfast, eat 6 times a day, drink your protein shake post workout or you will deplete your muscles right away, do all the weights and then cardio for 30 minutes or longer, you need high protein foods to lose weight and so on. You have probably heard some of these conventional truths and beliefs before, haven’t you?

All these things actually mess with your hormones like insulin (we are more resistant to it) and spike our cortisol (that promotes inflammation in our body).

The exciting news is that there is new, proven data and research that many people are using to Biohack their health and fitness for life. It’s super cool since you don’t need to buy expensive weight loss pills, diets or fancy machines. However, you do need to have an open mind to this information and apply it.

Biohacking is kinda like the 80/20 rule where little tweaks can open big doors and give you big results.

Today I want to mention just 2 strategies and hacks that helped me in my 40’s to get lean, have tons of energy and helping tons of people around the world.

I am talking about intermittent fasting with a ketogenic lifestyle and suspension training / TRX workouts.

What is Intermittent Fasting? Why Use It?

intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting is eating for about 8-9 hours a day and not consuming calories but drinking lots of water the rest of the day. When combined with low carbs (Ketogenic), high fat and more protein we tap into our body fat and switch from burning sugar and carbs to burning body fat and teaching our body how to use ketone bodies (more efficient fuel).

Other benefits are:

  • Rapid fat loss around your midsection within few weeks that will be obvious in the mirror and indisputable
  • Less inflammation, aches and pain
  • Natural boost in energy and mental clarity
  • Softer skin, elimination of eczema/rashes and acne
  • Less craving for carbs & sweets and switch off your internal dialogue around food, so you don’t cave in anymore for fast foods
  • Increase in your lean muscle mass and performance to include sex     drive
  • Improved moods and vitality

The second Biohack I want to talk about here is Suspension Training (TRX) – Awesome for total body training and uses your core while helping with muscle tone, balance and massive burn while training functional body moves. The real cool thing I like about this tool is that you can do it anywhere, including your home, outside and when you travel.

The other thing is that it’s real quick so you can get a wicked workout and metabolic burn in 15 minutes or less.

Final Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

I’m hoping you will give it a try for a week and see how you feel.

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Live Pure,

Guy Arad

This blog post proposes exercise and nutrition recommendations and all readers should consult a qualified medical professional before starting this or any other health & fitness program. As with any exercise and nutrition program, if you experience any discomfort, pain or duress, stop immediately and consult your doctor. The author of this blog post disclaims any liabilities or losses in connection with the exercises and nutrition or advice herein. You should inspect any equipment or workout area in advance as free of danger, flaw or compromise. The user assumes all responsibility when performing any movements or using nutrition recommendations contained in this blog and waives all liabilities.

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