Going onto the final component to the workout in The 90-Day Home Workout Plan, I’m getting to the often overlooked form of exercise – stretching. Why do people skip stretching? What kind of benefits does stretching have on your body after a workout? Well, find out just what you are missing out on when you avoid stretching post-workout.

The Fifth Component of a Workout: Stretching

The last component, stretching, is the most vital step in cooling down, carrying on with your day and setting up for better recovery for the next workout. Don’t overlook stretching, because this is the key to injury prevention and faster workout recovery[i].

Exercises tend to tighten and to restrict muscle movement, and stretching alleviates tension and improves range of motion. The wider the range of motion in a muscle and joint, the more benefits you gain from each movement. The more range of motion you have in each of your joints, the deeper and longer can do a movement. More joint mobility brings better exercising and more calories burned per movement[ii].

Not to mention, proper stretching is the best way to decrease your chances of injury[iii]. Repeatedly training an excessively tight muscle without any relief leaves you more susceptible to injury. Sometimes the smallest muscles can strain due to the surrounding larger muscles being over-stressed. If a large muscle is sore, over-trained or tired, then other muscles make up the difference. You cannot consciously control this adaptation; the body automatically does what it has to for survival or continued function, regardless of the potential outcome or detriment.

The Five Components of a Workout Wrap-Up

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