beginner's workoutAre you brand spankin’ new to exercise? Are you unsure of where to start? Do you need a good idea of what a beginner’s workout should be? Then I have a simple solution I’ll provide over the next two weeks. In my #1 best-selling book The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan, I shared the importance of starting off on the right foot. So, let’s lay some groundwork before you start a beginner’s workout.

Pinpoint WHY You Want to Start a Beginner’s Workout

Nope, this ain’t some new age hullabaloo. In The Beginner’s Home Workout Plan, I shared a few relevant questions. Read and answer the questions below.

  1. What drives you?
  2. What makes you most happy?
  3. When you wake up, what do you think about first?
  4. Is it happy, sad, indifference or painful? Be specific and you may hash out something you wish to move away from in your journey. For instance, I know many people cite pain, soreness, being stiff, groggy and chronic conditions or ailments as problems they wish to resolve.
  5. What do you ultimately want in your life? Is it riches? Is it to run a marathon? Is it merely to play with your children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren? Is your goal to share your life with a beautiful person? Or, do you just want to lead by great example?

Put Your Purpose to the Test

Let’s put your answers to the test by answering the following questions.

  1. Why are these goals important to you?
  2. Why do you want it now and not later?
  3. What was holding you back from getting what you wanted before now?
  4. How will you feel when you reach your goals?
  5. Will your life be any better when you complete your goals?

No Exercise Yet?!

Nope, because exercise isn’t worth a damn if you can’t determine why you do it in the first place. As a trainer, I used to get rather frustrated when a client invested substantial money in my services only to strike out on their own and give up. The reason why they didn’t stick to it was they never truly knew why they were doing it. Define your purpose, then you move forward.

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(Excerpt featured in The Beginner’s Workout Plan)