beginner's workoutAre you not getting what you want from your workouts? Is the effort there, but the results lacking from your exercise routine? Well, have you actually set goals or are you simply hoping for the best? If so, then you need to give goal setting a look if you want to be successful. Last week, I addressed the best first step in a beginner’s workout (CLICK HERE) and goal setting is the best second step to take before ANY exercise.

The Importance of Goal Setting in a Beginner’s Workout

You typically know your destination when traveling from one place to another. How often do you drive around aimlessly hoping to arrive somewhere good? Outside of a scenic drive, you may not drive blindly from one location to the next. Goals are essentially life’s destinations, so why wouldn’t you set goals? Your reason may be one of the following.

  1. Skepticism – you don’t believe goal setting works
  2. Previous disappointments – burned once, so why try twice?
  3. Fear – scared of failing
  4. Lazy – no ambition
  5. Beyond the comfort zone
  6. Instant gratification – I want it now!

It doesn’t have to be that way for you and here is why:

  1. Bill Gates – his first business failed
  2. Stephen King – his first novel was rejected over 30 times
  3. Jim Carrey – used to be homeless
  4. Thomas Edison – reportedly failed over 1,000 times before creating the light bulb

Did they blindly wander from one success to the next? Was their success pure luck? No, it was setting a goal and sticking to it. When problems arose, they came back fighting. Instead of failing and falling down, they “failed forward” and fell into their success. And, you can do it, too.


Use the simple acronym “S.M.A.R.T.” for planning your goals:

  • Specific – aim at your bull’s-eye so you at least hit near your target
  • Measurable – make it quantifiable or numerical in value
  • Attainable – if someone did it, then it’s possible
  • Realistic – instant gratification need not apply
  • Time-specific – decide when you will realize your goal

Goal setting is so simple yet some people won’t do it. However, I have every bit of faith you will set your goals. First, identify your three most important goals. Then, break them down into three bite-sized pieces. Lastly, once you pinpoint your target, you can then start firing away.

The ACTUAL Beginner’s Workout

I’ve spent the past week discussing a beginner’s workout with little mention of exercise. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief; the exercises come on Tuesday. Stay tuned to and remember to subscribe to this blog, so you get post updates. I’ll catch you on Tuesday. Till later, rule your day!

(Excerpt featured in The Beginner’s Workout Plan)