Are you not sure about proper squat form?

Would you like to know how to do squats properly?

Then, I’ll show you the proper way to do squats and build on it.

proper squat formWhat is Proper Squat Form?

You can’t go wrong with squatting

Can you?

That is furthest from the truth!

In fact, if you aren’t careful about HOW you squat

You could very well injure yourself.

This is especially true when you do weighted squats.

My advice? Start with body weight squats…

Then graduate to squats with weight once you have proper squat form.

how to do squats properly

How to Do Squats Properly

Let’s strip down the squat exercise to simply bodyweight.

After all, once you master your own bodyweight…

Then, you can move onto weighted squats.

proper squat form

  1. Stand up straight with your feet separated shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees and butt 90° and come down to a seated position.
  3. Press through your heels, keep your big toes lifted and stand up.
  4. Pace yourself at about: squat down for a 3-count, pause for a 3-count, then stand up for a 3-count.

NOTE: Avoid using momentum to stand up. Press through your feet and keep your spine upright at all times for all progressions.

More Tips on How to Do Squats Properly

how to do proper squats

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