declutter your lifeHaving an untidy environment like your bedroom can cause you to wake up with a negative feeling to start your day.

This negative feeling tends to carry forward into the first decisions that you make in the day causing you to start off on the wrong foot.

Over time, negative feelings in the morning can compound and you will find that your feelings of negativity grow greater and greater in that environment.

As the days go by with no organization, the untidiness of the room generally tends to increase, making it even more of a problem than it was before.

I often teach people who are new to meditation that their mind is as effective as it is organized.

The most successful people in the world have highly disciplined mindsets and meditation is the practice by which that disciplined mindset is most directly cultivated.

Declutter Your Life, Free Yourself

declutter your life

Take notice in the way it feels to finish tidying up.

A feeling of relief comes from knowing that the space is now clear and isn’t distracting anymore.

Having a tidy and clean environment is blissful in itself because you are left only with your deepest inner thoughts and ideas to examine.

There are no longer any distractions that can keep your mind spinning in circles when you have a tidy and clean environment.

Oftentimes after you have tidied up, you may begin to experience feelings and emotions that you weren’t expecting but that are very powerful and feel like they are coming from your heart.

The Unseen Power of Your Environment

clean & tidy environment

By recognizing how powerfully your environment can influence your mind, you can learn to use it to your advantage and persuade your mind to experience positive thoughts and emotions.

I personalize my office space by hanging pictures of my goals on the wall in front of me so that when I’m working and become tired, I can look up and be reminded of everything I am working for.

There is also a wall in my room that I see when I wake up that has my visualization boards posted as well as a few pictures of friends that encourages me to think positively when I wake up first thing in the morning.

By analyzing my habit patterns both when my working and living spaces are tidy and untidy, I learned that tidiness allows me to create laser focus with whatever I’m doing.

A big reason I’ve come to understand why a tidy room is effective is because when a room is tidy and organized, everything in the room has been picked and chosen to be there for a reason.

Every item in my room either directly makes me happy or reminds me to stay focused on my work that a highly enjoy when I would take a break.

Declutter Your Life: External & Internal

how to meditate

Meditation is like giving your mind the spring cleaning it’s needed for decades.

Once your office space is tidy, nothing will be left to distract you.

You can then harness the power of your environment by posting things that encourage you to maintain a positive mindset and to continue working to accomplish your goals.

I’m someone who has personally benefited from keeping my environment organized and I highly encourage you to tidy your environment right now, wherever you are, if you wish to experience relief and greater focus towards whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

After meditation for cleansing my mind, just as I would hang positive pictures in my office space, I like to make a good wish for myself to add a small drop of optimism to my clear and present state of mind.

The Power of Tidiness

declutter your lifeThe most important lesson I learned about tidying from Marie Kondo, author of The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up is that our minds and our living/working spaces should be treated the same way.

As we tidy our environment, we should also take the opportunity to organize our thoughts because the key to being focused and creative at the same time is organization both on the inside and on the outside.

-Forrest Neal