Are you looking for the quickest path to losing weight or getting into great shape? Would you like the path of least resistance when it comes to your fitness success? Then, I think I have just your solutions in these 5 easy tips for fitness success!

But, here’s the deal. I’m going spare you of the same old tired advice and assume you know this is credible information backed by real data. Rather than spend countless hours linking to various reputable sites, I’m going to leave it up to you to do your research.

Just know that I’m coming from a good place and experience in teaching these values. So, let’s get to it and start you implementing these fitness success tips right away!

Fitness Success Tip #1: Sleep

sleep for fitness success

Say what?! You didn’t think sleep was such a big deal? Well, think again, buddy! While you are putting on this front that you’re hustling so you can make your next breakthrough in business or life, I’ve been getting a full night’s rest and accomplishing far more than I ever dreamed.

The biggest difference between you well-rested and you lacking sleep makes a HUGE difference in your fitness success. Between mental and physical stress you put your body and mind through on a day-to-day basis, your body NEEDS rest to repair, replenish, and regrow.

Not to mention, if you work out on a regular basis, there’s an additional external stressor bound to wreak havoc on your system. Eventually, something has gotta give.

Here are few telltale signs you need more rest:

  • Your energy crashes midday
  • You NEED caffeine in large quantities to make it through
  • You’re consistently sick or are ill
  • Intermittent short-tempered outbursts
  • And, too much more to name

To get more info on how to lose weight fast with sleep, check out my full blog post here.

Fitness Success Tip #2: Meal Planning

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How could you not see this one coming? I’m not trying to be an asshole here, but it’s true. Too many people think the answer to better health is through simply one avenue. Yet, as you read through each of these fitness success tips, you’ll start to recognize a pattern in what has been said before.

However, I’m going to share how your good nutrition doesn’t come from depriving yourself of one food or another. A well-balanced diet comes from knowing what you’re going to eat before you eat it.

Much like you’d plan out the directions when traveling, planning out what you’re going to eat on a daily basis is critical to seeing results in your fitness program. If you want to lose weight, then meal plan. Do you want to pack on muscle? Then meal plan. Would you like to maintain your svelte figure? Try meal planning.

Now, I’m not expecting you to be fastidious to every last macronutrient or calorie you put into your body. But, if you have an idea of 80% the food you’ll eat when you get out of bed, your chances for fitness success greatly increase.

For example, I know I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time behind the keyboard due to the business I’m in. I know I need to have food on-hand so I don’t interrupt my normal workflow. So, I prepare items in bulk and get ready-made food (i.e. frozen veggies, pre-rinsed and chopped kale, etc.) that cuts down my prep time while honoring my better health with vital nutrition.

Every now and then, when I want to throw down a pizza or head out for some ice cream with my wife, I allow myself that pass. This is why I say to plan your meals and stick to it 80% of the time. You have to live life while staying in good shape.

Fitness Success Tip #3: Social Sharing

tips for fitness success

If you asked me about the value of social media ten years ago, I would’ve said it’s garbage and people who want to get in shape should be spending more time exercising and eating right than perusing Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

However, the world has changed significantly and so has my mind on the value of social media. And part of that benefit of instant connection comes a feeling of camaraderie and community. When you connect with other like-minded people on the same path you are traveling, then you greatly increase your odds of fitness success.

And, the big thing is when you proclaim throughout the social media ethos that you are on a mission, then some people will surprisingly answer back. Oftentimes, wanting to join you, cheer you, or even hold you accountable.

Hey, do you want proof? Then head over to one of my favorite groups in the Diet & Exercise Support Group on Facebook. I’ll add you in, but do me a favor. When you join, stake your claim and shout out to the group what you plan on doing today!

Fitness Success Tip #4: Exercise Daily

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Yep, this one is a given, but I’m going to change your perception of exercise with one simple clarification.

Exercise doesn’t have to be push-ups, fancy equipment, or designer programs that cost thousands of dollars. Quite simply, exercise is activity.

Here are a few examples of exercise:

  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Wrestling
  • Self-Defense Classes
  • Bowling
  • And, too much more

If you’re sick of the same old tired advice of exercising, then I challenge you to find your fit in fitness. Get creative and think a little outside the box. I’m not asking you to dig my workout plans (though you can see my whole catalog of them here) or join your local gym; I’m simply telling you to get active and stay active.

Fitness Success Tip #5: Consistency

the best fitness success tips

Lastly, you can’t ever expect to get lasting results if you don’t stay consistent. In fact, if you don’t see any results from your work, then you can at least reflect on what you’ve done consistently and how you can modify what you’ve done to get a better outcome.

Last Words on Your Fitness Success

how to get success in fitness

This ain’t rocket science here, folks:

  • Do the work
  • Plan your meals
  • Share it on social media
  • Rest well
  • And, stay consistent


I’m out! Let’s get to it and make sure you subscribe to this blog; otherwise, my wife will beat me profusely with her heavy-ass Purple pillow while telling me I’m a failure at blogging. Serious. Subscribe. This ain’t no joke.


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