There comes a time in every life where we all resolve to do better.

Promises of joining the gym, eating healthier, or even cutting old ties abound. But for most of us it seems like within a few months and in some cases weeks, the initial enthusiasm and excitement of creating this new and improved self, quickly fades away. We either determine that we’re okay just the way we are, or we feel like we’ve failed yet again.

To be better a version of ourselves is what makes humans unique. We‘ve found ways to fly without wings and to swim without gills. We’re innovative and creative, but why is it so many of us still struggle?  Why it is, in a world of innovation and information, they’re so many of us who are still unhappy?

I dare say that the answer to that question lies within and with the conversations that we have with ourselves! Take a moment to consider whether your inner dialog is positive and uplifting or is your mind filled with thoughts of how far-fetched or impossible your goals are?

Mindset not only affects your ability to be the best “you that you can be” but it also affects your overall health and well-being. It’s important to understand that the power to move yourself from where you are now, over where you want to be, starts with firstly believing it possible and then taking the steps necessary to get there.

So how can you use the old and now slightly cliché Power of Positive thinking to improve your life? Let me share three tips.

Life Improvement Tip #1: See it done!

life improvement

Start everyday by seeing yourself achieving your goal. If that goal is to lose 10 pounds, “see” yourself 10 pounds lighter. See yourself in that new dress, jeans or shirt. Picture it in your minds eye and each day, use affirming thoughts and words to stay focused and on course.

Life Improvement Tip #2: Get it done!

life improvement

Plan! Set yourself small tasks that will get you closer to your goal. For example, sticking with the weight loss goal, if you want to lose 10 pounds, commit to doing 15 minutes of exercise per day. Or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Cut one junk food (I suggest sugary snacks) out of your diet or only have a little once a week, instead of every day. Just commit to doing something! It doesn’t matter how small or how long it takes you, just do this consistently until you reach your goal.

Life Improvement Tip #3: Don’t listen to the naysayer (inside your head)

life improvement

We can sometimes be our biggest critics! The person in the mirror that tells you that it can’t be done, the person that asks, “Who do you think you are?” The one who reminds you of how many times you’ve tried and failed! This is the point at which you need to clean house, mental house.

There is little room if any, for voices that tell you, that you can’t.  Believe that you can, why? Because like you, many now successful people, have had the same struggles and overcame many of the same challenges on the road to success and truth be told, so can you!

The power to be the best version of yourself starts with the conversations you keep and the actions you take to get the job done. Simply put, your overall health and well-being starts with your mind-set! See it, believe it, do it! Trust me you can.




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In the meantime, what is the best advice you ever received for improving your life? Did it serve you well? Or, are you still working on it? Drop your thoughts in the comments.