Are you thinking about buying the Relife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station? Then, you’ll want to see the unboxing and assembly of the Relife Dip Station in this post.

In a future post, I’ll do a full review of the Relife dip bars, but for now, I’ll give my initial impressions from the few times I’ve used it since shooting this video.

Why I Bought the Relife Dip Station



I work out in my home gym, but am limited to:

  • Dumbbells
  • Rubber bands
  • An adjustable bench
  • Cable machine
  • Pull-up bar
  • Cardio equipment

My biggest issue? Nowhere to do dips.

And, this can be a deal breaker for me since I love doing bodyweight dips beyond the assisted variety.

Also, I don’t feel 100% safe when putting 2 chairs or benches together.

So, I was watching a video by Frank Medrano where he was using a small yellow setup for dips and inverted rows.

Sold! And, based on other equipment I’ve purchased, I didn’t think it would cost much.

Where I Ordered the Relife Dip Station

Rather than fuss around with scouring for the cheapest deals.

Or, worry about buying the Relife dip bars used.

I just headed over to Amazon and was elated to see it had a $5 off instant coupon. See here

The dip bars ran $49.99 with the coupon and delivered free with Prime shipping.

The best part? The package arrived in less than a day. Wow!

The Issue with Relife Dip Bar Packaging


The box was fairly heavy and my wife wasn’t able to bring it into the house.

But, I had no issue getting it in.

After opening the box, I found the contents to include:

  • 2 feet
  • 2 yellow c-shaped bars
  • 1 black connector pipe
  • 2 adjustable pins
  • 8 bolts and curved washers
  • Instructions

highly recommend following the instructions.

When I tried improvising, I found out real quick the instructions help with no having to fuss with assembly.

So, my biggest issue? Not following directions, but that’s not their problem.

Is the Adjustable Height Useful?

relife dip station

Though I’m 6’1″, I didn’t have to put the height beyond the lowest setting.

I’ve used the Relife dip bars a few times already and found no issues with the height.

However, I highly recommend using the black connector bar.

I tried going without one time and found the bars to tip a bit.

Final Thoughts on the Relife Dip Bars

Beyond my initial issue of not following instructions, putting together the Relife Dip Bars was fairly simple.

I will hold off reviewing the Relife Dip Station until I’ve had a few months to break it in.

In the meantime, if you’d like to order the Relief Dip Station for yourself, then visit my affiliate link at